Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Why you have to go?

Soon is christmas but my dearest had went back home...another lonely christmas :( you better make up for it after!!! You know what i wanted for christmas present, right?

One of my friend is leaving UK tonight forever! So he held a leaving party and I went to vist him. 
Here some pictures of me before party and didnt take any picture at the party.
Make up is very basic: Base, BB Cream foundation, Blusher, Eyepencil colour for the bottom waterline,  Eyeliner, Mascara & Lipstick. (will show you some of my beauty collections in the future ^^)

You can't really see well in the picture but im wearing my new Liz Lisa ankle boot, they make me look tall and I love them XD. Haha..yeh im so short only i think around 149-151cm? Havn't measured my height for a long time...

And I think I should do christmas shopping soon! Time is running out!! Arh!

I MISS you so so so much ><

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