Monday, 20 December 2010

More snow and konad nail art

As I said more pictures of the snow...
My bad =3='''' phone camera doesnt take nice pictures... This is the best I can do ><''
In the middle picture it shows how thick the snow are! and that is my car... I had to walk to work early this morning cause my car can't get out of the driveway!...and it was freezing in the morning!!!

 ~Show me your SnowLove <3~
 This was on the way to my cousin house to SNOWFIGHT! Haha I wore 3 layers of tops, scarf, hat, legging, leg warmer, fluffy sock, boot...but I was still freezing... Got hit right on my face and it hurt so much because it was too cold! :XD
Here is my sister...&
*White view and lovely moon*
Outside my house~
Her name is Joey (belong to my cousin) and she is so cute! She will jump on us whenever she see us and she will cry if we are leaving awww....<3 her so much!

I did try to take nice & clear picture of my nails but failed :( Haha...
They are snowflakes pattern! I did this nail stamping kit (Konad) It so easy to use and looked very nice too! Maybe I will do a tutorial next time but you can search on the internet..there are lots of design that other people did! Mines wasn't that pro because this is the 3rd time I used it, you need patience to use it (which I don't have much)..... Hahaha...

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