Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Part 1 Xmas + snow

Did it in two post because there are too many photos to LOL

Here are some lovely photos my sister took! They are very pretty and I want share it with you guys ^^
I Love this picture! It shows the moon very clearly! :D

Some random make up photography by my sister as well... (Edit by me)
A present I brought for someone, it look so CUTE!

Present from a friend for me! Wanted to try other flavour for a long time but just never get to buy one and try! LOL...

This boot was the one I talked a long time ago hahaha... It was brought online..Forgot the name of the brand =.='''' and I still got another pair of boot to take picture of...
The tight from primark & the scarve from river island (SALE!)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish all of you a Happy Christmas! N get loads of nice presents...

Just had Xmas dinner with family and give/recieve presents...I already opened all my presents because I cant wait Hahaha....I am a very impatient women!!!

*N wish TPH is here with me now! U better get me a nice lovely present! >3<*

Post more later on... + photosss :D

Monday, 20 December 2010

More snow and konad nail art

As I said more pictures of the snow...
My bad =3='''' phone camera doesnt take nice pictures... This is the best I can do ><''
In the middle picture it shows how thick the snow are! and that is my car... I had to walk to work early this morning cause my car can't get out of the driveway!...and it was freezing in the morning!!!

 ~Show me your SnowLove <3~
 This was on the way to my cousin house to SNOWFIGHT! Haha I wore 3 layers of tops, scarf, hat, legging, leg warmer, fluffy sock, boot...but I was still freezing... Got hit right on my face and it hurt so much because it was too cold! :XD
Here is my sister...&
*White view and lovely moon*
Outside my house~
Her name is Joey (belong to my cousin) and she is so cute! She will jump on us whenever she see us and she will cry if we are leaving awww....<3 her so much!

I did try to take nice & clear picture of my nails but failed :( Haha...
They are snowflakes pattern! I did this nail stamping kit (Konad) It so easy to use and looked very nice too! Maybe I will do a tutorial next time but you can search on the internet..there are lots of design that other people did! Mines wasn't that pro because this is the 3rd time I used it, you need patience to use it (which I don't have much)..... Hahaha...

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Since then...

Finally saw him online for once, talked 2 words then his gone again! Hate that feeling when talking to him now... Aiiii...

Anyway forget him now...
Today it snowed for like 6 hours of the snow build up to 6inches @@ and I get tp leave work 2 hours early XD because there are no customers. HaHaa..
Will post more photos tomorrow, a bit lazy now ><


1.有没有一瞬間, 你上MSN是為了找我,想我陪你聊天?
2.有没有那麼一种感動, 當你看到手機上有我發的短信時, 嘴角會有一丝满意的微笑?
3.如果有一天我不再和你联系, 你會主動跟我联系嗎?
4.如果有一天,我在你的世界里消失, 你會不會想起有我的存在?

Friday, 17 December 2010


It snowed again last night! When I was at work yesterday night it rained then hailed then SNOWED!
It is freezing cold! ><''

Finally I took some pictures of the snow, but it wasnt that good because I used my phone camera....
My sister got bored and start taking photos of random things.

 8 days till Christmas! Still need to do my christmas shopping! =.=''' When this year I have money to spend on presents XD.....I am actully not that excited about Xmas because my dearest is not by my side this year! I wish we can celebrate it together!!!
Oh! I really love this! I dont know when I can buy it, even thou it might be expensive! So I might make it myself! It should easy hahaha.... Just need to get some nice fabric! : )

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Why you have to go?

Soon is christmas but my dearest had went back home...another lonely christmas :( you better make up for it after!!! You know what i wanted for christmas present, right?

One of my friend is leaving UK tonight forever! So he held a leaving party and I went to vist him. 
Here some pictures of me before party and didnt take any picture at the party.
Make up is very basic: Base, BB Cream foundation, Blusher, Eyepencil colour for the bottom waterline,  Eyeliner, Mascara & Lipstick. (will show you some of my beauty collections in the future ^^)

You can't really see well in the picture but im wearing my new Liz Lisa ankle boot, they make me look tall and I love them XD. Haha..yeh im so short only i think around 149-151cm? Havn't measured my height for a long time...

And I think I should do christmas shopping soon! Time is running out!! Arh!

I MISS you so so so much ><

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Goodie bags~

Recently my sister went to clothes show live and she helped me brought some stuff  :)

Montagne Jeunesse Goodie bag: Banana Foot Mask! Cranberry & Aloe Vera Lip Balm and maskes ( fruity, hot mask, overnight treatment masks.) Oh! and there is a Chocolate mask!!!!

'Wow' beauty brand goodied bag: Glitter dipper, Lollypuff ( which actully is puff with glitter powder inside), hand warm pad!, crystal nail file, hair remover pad sheet and set of make up brushes.

Bed Head! Make up brushes set~ blush/powder/angle/eyeshadow/lip brushes (love that mini blush brush!), Hard hold hairspray, moisture serum, lip-stick in 'posh' colour...haha and mini maxed out hold hairspray!

Jelly pong pong goodie bag: Duo eyeshadow in 'Chamoagne truffle', eyelash curler, Lip gloss in 'Cherry Surpise' colour, a palette with creamy eyeshadow & lip jelly and leather pad (inside it has a mirror and spaces to put eyeshadow piece in, like the duo eyeshadow)

And some lovely flowers that does not relate to aboves Hahaha!!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It Is Freezing!

Freezing + Snowing! =Slippery and icy roads... =.='''
Finally got my watch back,, it needed a change of strap because dont know why the original strap changed colour. (Right side) Look like it was burnt... but now they changed the wrong colour strap, original suppose to be cream coloured not white!!! and the warranty doesnt cover the strap, that mean i paid for a wrong colour strap and even worse it got pen marks on it!!
It looks weird now cause the white is very bright! LOL
Oh! and I started working on 25th!
And look at what I done to my hand today >< 
I opened the door and forgot to move my other hand away (hahaha) and slash.... but recently there were lots of accidents that happen to me!... bad lucks :( please go away!!!

All I do is work work work been doing lots of over times! It feel like I worked there for months but actully i worked for only like 2weeks....
So I didnt have time to take pictures of my new boots that I ordered online. Yes they finally came! But still not got a chance to wear them!

All I want for christmas is YOU! My baby!!! Do you hear me? Please make my wish come true! :)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tarot Cards Reading...

I just had a online tarot reading..

Here's my review but Im keeping my question secret.. XD
I got the card 'SUN'
Quote~燦爛的陽光照遍大地,萬物得以滋長。(Brightly sunshine shines on the earth, million lifes gets moisture.)
Meaning~ 成就、光明、滿足、成功、良好的關係、真愛、幸福、投入、達到目標。(Achievements, Bright, Meet, Sucessful, Good relationship, True love, Happiness, Input, Achieve the target.)

I just hope these will happen for what I asked for.