Monday, 31 January 2011

End of the month=pay day :)

It is so happy to see my bank digits rise again hahaha...
Recently been going out so much and my time has messed up and been working so didnt really have much chance to blog (or you can say im just too lazy LMAO!)

And something happened and I feel its time for me to move on... It is not the end of world, if you choose to live, why not choose the happy way? And now I finally did it! I feel HAPPY!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I need a new phone or a camera!

Sorry!! My pictures quality are so bad!!! So I really need a new phone or a camera... any recommendation???
Thinking about Samsung T600?

New nail design...

Colours I used: Miss sporty No.39 (turquoise) and Aics No.46 (Blue & sliver glitters with hearts!)
Now onto FOOOOOD!  XD
Hahaha... I have long time no cooked! Since I finished Uni I don't have a chance to cook myself random food! Yesterday I went to my cousin house and decided to cook some spaghetti's ^^ This was my plate, I love having so many flavours at once but this was very very fat too!!! LOL I miss my times at uni! ><

 I went to a Thai restaurant with mum the other day for lunch! This is what she had chicken green curry!
 And this is my favourite Chicken 'Pad Thai' (noodle with tomato sauce?) but again lots of flavours in it!
& we both have tom yum soup as starter!!!

AND guess who this is!!! Hahaha... Yes this is me! My mum told me this was my first photo I had, because technology are not that developed back then, so it is still black and white!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Part 2 Xmas + day in London

HAPPY 2011!!!

There are lots of photos to see, so I wont say much LOL...
Cheesecake I made :)


Here's how I made it: (I did try to make it as clear as I can ><) Anything not sure feel welcome to ask me XD

*I lost my recipe sheet, so I have guessed how much each item needed*
Things you need: ~Digestive biscuit about 10-15 pieces(enough to cover your cake tin after crushed)
~Butter approx 70-90g (not salted ones, I used special ones for making cake)
~Gelatines powder 2-3 teaspoons or you can use those sheets one
~Mascarpone cheese 500g or cream cheese if you find them
~Double cream or whip cream approx 150g?
~Sugar approx 5 tablespoon
~Your fave fruits and tools

Some games we played during Xmas times 

Long old fun game~
Our Very yummy 26th dinner Lol Chinese mix English style Christmas dinner...

27th London day trip~

x Yum cha x
UV pool! 
Xmas Lights
Too bad those Ferraro rocher ain't real hahaha...
This was very yummy!
On the train back home... Just want to show you my new scrave my cousin brought for me >< <3

And this new jacket brought from pull and bear! Oh! and the bag was from Hong Kong...