Monday, 25 July 2011

Day out in bicester

Went to Bicester village with my sister on Sunday but didn't get anything because there ain't much offer at the moment!

See those earrings... I posted them before, quite nice blending in with my hair.

Food at pizza express

Chicken pizza, garlic bread and sis had chicken pasta but it was cover with so much cheese...eww we both couldn't finish it :/

Today after gym i went to town and got some bargain! Republic sale £10 each! Here is my outfit today...

I brought two shorts, jumpsuit and a Tshirt for £32! :) happy happy! Hahaha

Hope you guys made the most out of summer sale!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fimo cane!

What are fimo cane??

These are Fimo canes! They are so cute and pretty. I found these on eBay, what you need to do is to cut them in slices and stick them on your nail as a decoration.

Here is what I tired.
I pick out different colours flower and cut a few pieces of each design and randomly stick them on my nails to create effect.

Worth a try because those canes are quite cheap, £2-3 for 100 canes. The pack I brought nearly most of them are different colour and designs so I was quite happy but I only received 99 when it say I suppose to get 100 :/ you can combine these with gems to make more interesting designs! X Have pretty nails! X

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sale Holiday shopping...

Well title says it all! Greece I'm coming soon!!!

Here are photos I promise before~

Grey straw hat.

Straw hat with lace.

LOL surely I don't really need Two straw hats but I can't help for not buying them as they were a bargain! Only £5 each from miss Selfridges.

Dull green short.

Denim jumpsuit.

Both from miss Selfridges as well. And the scarve below as well.

Cap from river island.

Shirt from Zara. £9.99

Bag from new look.

Ok this is a bikini, don't know how to take a photo of it lol but you can still see the pattern nicely. Very summer feel~~

And lots of jewellery..... Top four from miss Selfridges only £1 each >

I brought many tights as well but couldn't take nice photos of them so will take one when I wear them ;)

Think that's enough for today! <3 take care xxx

Saturday, 9 July 2011

New nails deco!

Recently I brought some rhinestone to decorate my nails! Here's my first experience with gems designs!

I used candy soft colours. I think is pretty and it is my first attempt so can't really say much about it. Next time I will try using these stuff:

Some decoration pieces to glue it to nails? Don't know what they actually called but found it on eBay :) lol

Anyway I brought lots of stuff during sales!! Can't wait to post them later!!