Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sale Holiday shopping...

Well title says it all! Greece I'm coming soon!!!

Here are photos I promise before~

Grey straw hat.

Straw hat with lace.

LOL surely I don't really need Two straw hats but I can't help for not buying them as they were a bargain! Only £5 each from miss Selfridges.

Dull green short.

Denim jumpsuit.

Both from miss Selfridges as well. And the scarve below as well.

Cap from river island.

Shirt from Zara. £9.99

Bag from new look.

Ok this is a bikini, don't know how to take a photo of it lol but you can still see the pattern nicely. Very summer feel~~

And lots of jewellery..... Top four from miss Selfridges only £1 each >

I brought many tights as well but couldn't take nice photos of them so will take one when I wear them ;)

Think that's enough for today! <3 take care xxx

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