Monday, 29 November 2010

Random pieces...

Recently I purchased a magazine and it came with a free nail polish!
The colour is 'Savile row.' I painted on my nail to show you what the colour it actully looked like. Prefered I wouldn't paint the whole of my nail that colour, I will just use it on the tip of the nail. Maybe next time I will show you what I mean.
Ohhh and this YUMMY lemon cheesecake!~
And on one of the weekday I went to a pet shop with mum and I saw these...
I think they look so cute (only the white one thou) but my mum said they are scary ~HaHa ><''

Friday, 19 November 2010

My First Post~

So YAY finally my first post.
Ummmmmm...dont really know what to write yet...

But just now I just had an interview ><''' Lets hope I get it...Cause Im a poor Graduate LOL...]
And I ordered some nice boots online, just can't wait until I recieve them...should be here on monday~

<3<3<3 U TPH~