Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Im so additive playing sim3 again but this time on iPhone! Lol you can imagine how long I can spend in it! Still up playing since 12am -.-'

Anyway here are some photos of my recent shopping, all from forever21!

Fell in love with this ring at first sight

Rabbit earrings

Owl earrings

Cute bow hair clip~

And I brought some clothes too, post it later.

Think I should go to sleep now nite x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Bad week!!

Recently has been a bad week! Nothing goes right! And I'm just keep deadly mad missing someone even I know I shouldn't be doing this anymore! How do I forget someone more easily?! I try to look forward and doing everything to forget that someone but seems it is not working well... I'm so upset and I wish I could just take a peak on that someone even if I'm standing far away. Just one look would be enough for me... Ai!

But anyway I brought this wired headband from river island!

I am looking for a flower one but seems I can't find a good one anywhere ~.~'

'Let me have my arms surround you!'

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A cake in a mug!

My cousin showed me how to a make a cake in a mug with microwave! It is quick and easy! All you need is a big mug, sugar, self raising flour, egg and little sunflower oil! Of course a microwave... And Coco if you want chocolate flavor!

A little quick, easy treat for yourself!

My little angel! >< such a adorable face!

Well i don't own her but wish she was mine lol

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011


Today I went shopping with my cousin and we tired on so many clothes! Lol but we end up with nothing home! Either it doesn't suit or no size or out if stock or too expensive =.=' not out day today lol...

I tired on this Frill Front Dress from AX Paris, it looks good but £30??!! don't know if I should get it :/

I brought this sunglasses... Yay come on summer!!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My new toy!

Finally I got a new iphone4 white!! My old phone was more than 3-4 years old and it keep frozen...

So now I could post more! My blog seems to be rotten n getting moldy soon lol

Let me show you my cracking nails first lol

Is the new BarryM instant nail effect.. Well I think it was out a ling time ago but I only just tried it. They do lots of colours now like pink, blue rather than black and white!

Alright I'm off to work now! ><