Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It Is Freezing!

Freezing + Snowing! =Slippery and icy roads... =.='''
Finally got my watch back,, it needed a change of strap because dont know why the original strap changed colour. (Right side) Look like it was burnt... but now they changed the wrong colour strap, original suppose to be cream coloured not white!!! and the warranty doesnt cover the strap, that mean i paid for a wrong colour strap and even worse it got pen marks on it!!
It looks weird now cause the white is very bright! LOL
Oh! and I started working on 25th!
And look at what I done to my hand today >< 
I opened the door and forgot to move my other hand away (hahaha) and slash.... but recently there were lots of accidents that happen to me!... bad lucks :( please go away!!!

All I do is work work work been doing lots of over times! It feel like I worked there for months but actully i worked for only like 2weeks....
So I didnt have time to take pictures of my new boots that I ordered online. Yes they finally came! But still not got a chance to wear them!

All I want for christmas is YOU! My baby!!! Do you hear me? Please make my wish come true! :)

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