Sunday, 19 December 2010

Since then...

Finally saw him online for once, talked 2 words then his gone again! Hate that feeling when talking to him now... Aiiii...

Anyway forget him now...
Today it snowed for like 6 hours of the snow build up to 6inches @@ and I get tp leave work 2 hours early XD because there are no customers. HaHaa..
Will post more photos tomorrow, a bit lazy now ><


1.有没有一瞬間, 你上MSN是為了找我,想我陪你聊天?
2.有没有那麼一种感動, 當你看到手機上有我發的短信時, 嘴角會有一丝满意的微笑?
3.如果有一天我不再和你联系, 你會主動跟我联系嗎?
4.如果有一天,我在你的世界里消失, 你會不會想起有我的存在?

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