Monday, 20 June 2011

Past week

Don't know why I couldn't post some pictures from my iPhone Before :/

Here are just some nails I done and new nail vanish I brought.

Gosh matt top coat which gives a matt finish! So cool, I didn't know they exist hahaha!! Then indigo and pink nail effect nail vanish both from BarryM.

Just a quick example. My thumb show the matt top coat.

And brought sone glitter in grey moonstone and sliver to use on my nails.

Another nails I done later, decided to mix some nail vanish together to get a creamy colour lol so it took me a while to do these. Used cotton bud to do those dots which make it look alot neater. And i used tjose glitter i got before for that sliver bit. It suppose to be a bow but it didn't come out that good...-.-'

On Monday I went took my car to fix and somehow me and my sis end up shopping lol

Yummy full English breakfast!

And brought some clinique products!
I only paid for the day face cream!!! All other stuff are free!

They are free gifts when u buy 2 or more products from them and my sis brought three so I only had to get one product to get free goody bag for us both! It came with a sliver makeup bag as well! Wooho! ^^

Went to Bicester village shopping today! Show u more in next post. XD

Love my lipstick colour! Peachy...

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