Thursday, 2 June 2011

Home grown salad and shopping!

Government advised not to eat salad recently cause they found some kind of viruses :/

But these home grown salad doesn't contain any harmful products and it tastes sweeter grown from your own hand! hahaha and yes I grew a tomato plant as well!!!

Today I went to Milton Keynes with sis and finally I brought an outfit for my birthday! Guess which one it is!?

They all lovely but I only brought one out of them lol reveal on next post lol....

This was my new top from forever21. comfy~~

And we went to Wagamama to eat:

Wagamama special ramen

Chicken Summer roll..

Peach iced tea

Haven't been there for a long time and it tastes really good but I think it a bit pricy..

Then I went straight to work after driven back home. I was very very tired and couldn't do much at work place lol then went straight to bed straight after work! That's how much I missed my bed then! hahaha...

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