Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines day~2011

~Happy Valentines day~
A oil painting I painted...Long time havnt painted, looked crap :/ hahaha...
The colour pallet >< hahaha... couldnt find my real one so I used a CD instead...

Yummyyy...sushi time! These are all for myself =3= *pig! haha*

:Showing my recent purchases:
Braclets that come together.

My nails colour before.

And today colours.

This suppose to show my head band...n my face looked a bit I needed to be covered! lol..

Cute earings I brought

Another braclet with charms...
My outfit for my work very belated Xmas dinner >< LOL...
And today I finally received these~~~ I Love it!!!
*I have spent so much recently! = =''' *

Why at this moment I still feel the same for you...Aiiii....

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